Duties of the Elective Office


  • Reports directly to the chief and the  inner council.
  • Engineer/driver of development in his/ her Umphakatsi.
  • Bridge between Umphakatsi and Inkhundla.
  • Appraises and monitors projects.
  • Advises community on how to access funds and any other services brought by government at the Inkhundla.
  • Liaises with government officers in his or her Inkhundla.

Indvuna Yenkhundla

  • Fully in charge of an Inkhundla.
  • Ensures proper development.
  • Chairs and conveys meetings in the Inkhundla.


Member of Parliament

  • Legislative function- move motion about issues affecting the welfare of the people in their respective areas to make the environment conducive (Section 106 of the Constitution)
  • Oversight function- The use of government funds, scrutinize and approve the Budget, monitors performance for government ministries and departments.
  • Representative function- conduit between electorate and government thus they should be in constant contact with the people. They should also know what the policies of government are.
  • An ex-officio member of relevant Inkhundla.