Hours of voting at a polling station

The voting hours as prescribed in the proclamation shall be published by the Commission in the media.

A polling station shall−

  • open for voting at the prescribed time and;
  • remain open for voting until the prescribed time, or such later time as the Commission may determine.

A person may not be admitted to a polling station for the purpose of voting after the polling station has closed for voting.

Voting at a polling station shall continue until every voter has voted who−

  • is entitled to vote at that polling station; and
  • had reported for voting at that polling station at the time prescribed for that polling station to close for voting.

The Commission shall provide for a special voting procedure for electoral officers, staff and security personnel who are on duty on polling day.


Notice at polling station

Before the hour fixed for the start of the poll, a presiding officer shall place a notice showing the full names, in alphabetical order of surname, and if there are two or more candidates of the same surname, in alphabetical order of their other names, and photographs.

A notice in subsection (1), both within and outside a polling station shall be in Siswati and English.


Admission to polling station

(1) A person shall not be admitted to vote at a polling station−

  • except at the polling station in the polling division where the name of the person appears on the voters register; and
  • where there is more than one polling station in that polling division, except at the polling station assigned to that person in accordance with section 37 (2) (c).

(2)  The presiding officer shall regulate the number of voters to be admitted to the polling station at the same time.

(3)   No other person, except a member or an officer of the Commission, the returning officer, the presiding officer, the polling officers, the candidates, the polling agents and a police officer on duty shall enter the polling station.