What is a Voter’s Roll?

It is a list of eligible registered voters of a polling station. The list is used in all the elections activities from nominations until secondary elections and by-elections as well.

Inspection of the Voter’s Roll

  • After the compilation of the voters roll, it is taken back to the respective Chiefdom’s and registration centres for public inspection. They will monitor the eligibility of all the voters registered in the list to vote in that chiefdom and Ineligible voters are omitted from the list.
  • The public also checks if their personal details have been correctly written and make amendments if need be.
  • The commission strongly encourages voters to inspect the voters roll and effect changes if need be because after this exercise, the final voter’s roll is produced and no changes will be affected thereafter.

Removal from the Voter’s Roll

Only people who have died are removed from the Voters Roll.