About THE ebc

The elections management body in Eswatini is called the “Elections and Boundaries Commission” (EBC) and is tasked with conducting and management of National Elections in the country. It is an independent authority for Eswatini consisting of a chairperson, deputy chairperson and three other members which are appointed by the King on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission.


The Elections and Boundaries Commission is an independent authority responsible for elections. It is also responsible for:

  • The reviewing of tinkhundla boundaries
  • The registration of voters
  • To ensure free and fair elections
  • To facilitate and conduct civic and voter education.

The Elections and Boundaries Commission is mandated by sections 90 to 92 of the Constitution of Eswatini to manage the country’s elections. This mandate speaks to a number of process, activities and programmes undertaken in preparation for a General election. The processes are based on the election cycle – pre- election, election and post-election stage.

Specifically and constitutionally, the mandate of the Commission is to:

  • oversee and supervise voter registration and ensure fair and free elections at primary, secondary and other level;
  • facilitate civic and voter education as maybe necessary in between elections;
  • review and determine the boundaries of tinkhundla areas for purposes of elections;
  • perform such other functions in connection with elections or boundaries as may be prescribed; and
  • produce periodic reports in respect of work done The Commission is in office on full time basis. It develops policies and approves programmes to be implemented by the secretariat.

Each of the commissioners have a role to play in the supervision, support and guidance in programme implementation to Elections Officers in the four administrative regions of the country.


To be an independent distinguished and professional Electoral  Management Body (EMB) that delivers credible elections


To deliver credible elections through transparent, impartial processes and encourage equitable representation



To be ethical in the conduct of our functions

Equity and Equality

To create balance by treating people without discrimination

Respect of the Rule of Law

We uphold the Law


We listen, respect and respond to the electorate and other stakeholders

Team Work/collaboration

Working together with the EBC and other stakeholders to achieve the Commission's objectives


Working in a non-discriminatory manner with stakeholders that are involved in electoral processes


Transform electoral processes to adequately meet the needs of citizens


and acumen in the delivery of our mandate as well as to promote self-development


Remain impartial in the conduct EBC business


Provide technical competence and skills to our stakeholders in a timely responsive manner